Mary Ann Walker - Aguirre

Board Member

Mary Ann Walker-Aguirre is an entrepreneur/CEO, Spanish-speaking Latina, on-air spokesperson and a long-time advocate of strengthening U.S. and Latin America relations. She has a 30-year track record successfully building, operating and scaling businesses. Ms. Walker-Aguirre founded Walker Advertising LLC, a leading direct response advertising agency serving the U.S. Latino market and legal industry. While CEO, her company invested more than $300 million in national Spanish Language media, reaching consumers through its leading brands, Los Defensores LLC and The Defenders at 1-800-THELAW2. Together they own the largest market share in the US.

As an active volunteer for the Biden/Harris campaign she served on Biden’s Latin America Foreign Policy Team and contributed her expertise to spearhead a national media campaign to ensure a historic Latino voter turnout. Booking herself as an unofficial surrogate, Ms. Walker-Aguirre has been interviewed by many major Spanish media outlets including Univision, Entravision, Estrella Media, Spanish Broadcasting Systems, Media Latin Communications (MLC), and Azteca TV, on their TV, radio, and digital platforms, reaching 25 million Spanish Language listeners and viewers with the message of voter registration and directing traffic to Biden’s www.voyavotar.com. Ms. Walker-Aguirre also developed Spanish language public service announcements aimed at voter registration and MLC media aired over 300 times over their 600 Spanish language stations nationally and a PSA campaign in Georgia for the senate rerun.

Ms. Walker-Aguirre started her career as a Spanish language court interpreter in Los Angeles during the early 1980s, where she saw Latinos denied fair and equal justice simply because they couldn’t speak English. To address this challenge, she approached the Spanish-speaking attorneys in court and asked them if they wanted to


jointly advertise their services to the Latino community. Five of them said yes and Los Defensores LLC was born.

The success of Los Defensores LLC prompted a second legal network named The Defenders at 1-800-THE-LAW2, which serves primarily the English-speaking community. Ms. Walker-Aguirre is the on-camera spokesperson for both brands. While CEO, she served more than a million Latinos in finding legal representation throughout the US. After 30 years of leading the firm, she sold majority interest in her company and now serves on its Board of Directors.

Ms. Walker-Aguirre currently serves as the Managing Partner in her national law firm, WH Legal Group LLP as a non-attorney responsible for generating hundreds of cases via mass media. She is a contributing writer for the National Trial Lawyer publications and has lectured at Loyola Law School, the National Trial Lawyers Association and Marymount University.

Throughout her career, she has served on numerous boards to support the Latino community both in the U.S.A. and abroad including serving on the Advisory Board of the Woodrow Wilson Center, Latin American Program; the Atlantic Council Advisory Board focusing on Central America; Vice Chair of the Pacific Council’s Mexico Initiative; and on the Board of Directors for the US Mexico Chamber of Commerce. In 2019, Ms. Walker-Aguirre was tapped to serve on the El Paso – Ciudad Juárez Delegation by the Pacific Council of Los Angeles, charged with examining the mass exodus of Central Americans seeking asylum in the United States and in January 2020, she joined as a 9/11 pre-trial observer at the Guantanamo Bay Justice Camp.