Marcela Celorio

Our Founder

Marcela has a solid and outstanding career as a diplomat and a Cross-Cultural understanding advocate. She holds the rank of Ambassador of Mexico. During her 30 years diplomatic career she represented Mexico and Mexicans in many different countries and positions, which gave her a unique perspective on different societies and challenges. At home, she advocated and succeeded in the passing of a constitutional amendment which permitted Mexicans to hold multiple nationalities. Abroad, every single assignment broadened her vision of the various necessities and problems Cross-Cultural Communities around the world face on a daily basis.

The different realities that people live in the United States, the Middle East and Europe, helped her to understand the importance of committing fully to promote intercultural understanding. With these experiences, she dedicated herself to exercise a consular diplomacy that enhances alliances and generates dialogues among authority and community.

The border was a great reality check to recognize the important role of the local stakeholders to contribute to manage the U.S.-Mexico border, for such reasons she developed thew cross-border diplomacy beyond vis a vis a traditional diplomacy. Los Angeles, a city where more Mexicans live after Mexico City, represented a platform to showcase Mexican history, racial origins, culture, community, and future.

Throughout her career in the Mexican Foreign Service, Marcela faced and was in charge of solving a wide array of complex situations. Her experiences allowed her to attain an understanding of different cultures and the ways in which they interact with each other. Through her work, she identified the imperious necessity of promoting understanding and fostering the Rule of Law and a Culture of Lawfulness as fundamental ideological pillars within the Cross-Cultural Community.

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