Knowledge is empowerment. Our programs seek to enhance understanding and to promote the importance of the Rule of Law and a Culture of Lawfulness through education. 

Our programs are designed on a linear platform, where everyone has the opportunity to listen and propose from our own particular backgrounds. In this interdisciplinary and community based environment, there is a space for everyone's point of view.

These programs are based on the Poli-Gears Model ⚙, which consists of a process in which through the action of one gear the others are triggered, so that all participants receive information and feedback to each other. This feedback allows us to continue the improvement and development of future works.

Using the Poli-Gear Model ⚙︎, each program is interconnected, enriching one another with insights:

1. Polidore Civics: Cultivating tomorrow's civic leaders.

2. Pop Law: Democratizing legal awareness.

3. Bridging the Divide: Building bridges between the community and its leaders.

4. Diversity Chat: Introducing early appreciation for global cultures.

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“It is all about future civic leaders” 

This program consists of counseling and mentoring for young people between the ages of 18 and 30 years. The main objective is to create civic leaders. On one hand, it seeks to turn participants into role models within their family and community. 

The program also seeks to support them in their efforts to perform successfully in an area of their interest. The program brings experts in the areas of interest of young participants, while our foundation accompanies them for a year as a mentor. For example, if one of these young people is interested in filmmaking (SEE BELOW PDF 3 -Polidore Civics Maria´s Case), our foundation will look for an expert in that area to dedicate one to three hours of his or her time and have a conversation to address the young person's concerns. 

Both the young person and Polidore will take note of the expert's guidance. Then, the mentoring will take place. At the end of the year, the expert, the young person and the foundation will meet again to evaluate the progress, obtain testimonials, compile the experiences in a publication and hold a face-to-face meeting, if possible, with all the participants. 

The Polidore Civics program works in a 4 Poli-Gear Model ⚙︎ process.




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“Make the Law accessible to all”

This program consists of workshops, seminars and the use of social networks. It is aimed at the entire immigrant community.

The program's main objective is to create awareness that the United States is a country of opportunities and that it is important to know the rules in order to navigate the system successfully. 

It consists of several groups, one of law, economics and sociology students identifying legal topics of interest, who will share their knowledge with another group formed by artists, creatives and athletes, who in turn will disseminate the content in a way that is accessible to the community. 

Feedback from the community is very important to enrich the work of the groups of experts and creatives.  For example, for immigrants getting to understand the school system in the United States can be challenging. (SEE BELOW PDF 6 - Pop Law School Policies’ Case).

This exercise is similar to what is done with scientific dissemination, but here we do it with the law, other rules and norms.

The Pop Law program works in a 3 Poli-Gears Model ⚙︎ process.

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"To foster mutual understanding between immigrants and authorities"

This program consists of workshops aimed at the entire immigrant community. 

The main objective is to promote a dialogue between the community and public authorities. Through this, we seek for all parties to lose the fear of interacting with each other, value their role in society and understand that authorities are not there only to violate their rights. 

This program seeks to make immigrants feel more comfortable and confident before authorities and understand why the authority acts the way it does. While, on the other hand, authorities understand why immigrants behave and react in a certain way.( SEE BELOW PDF 9 - Unity Ville’ Case)

It is common for government representatives to give a lecture and receive some questions, but in the end, there is no real interaction, communication or understanding. The program consists of two teams formed by representatives from the authority and the community who are asked to solve a case together. 

Cases have already been solved before. Our interest is in the work dynamic itself that provokes the interaction between authorities and individuals who normally do not talk to each other. 

Polidore Foundation is apolitical, non-activist and respectful of everyone's way of thinking, therefore, it does not use ongoing cases that could have an undesired effect due to the different sensitivities of participants.

An essential element of the pact revolves around promoting an increased understanding as a need for the Cross-Cultural Community.

The Bridging the Divide  program works in a 2 Poli-Gears Model ⚙︎ process.

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"Planting the seed of cross-cultural understanding from a young age"

This program consists of exchanges (letters and reflections) and workshops aimed at young people. They can participate from the age of 12, as long as they have the permission of their guardians. 

Taking into consideration that communication between young people is more natural and fluid, this program aims to promote a dialogue, through calls, between immigrants and Americans, on topics of their interest and that have to do with the functioning of society.  (SEE BELOW PDF 12 - Sophia & Brian’ Case)

The Foundation assumes the role of a connector between them and facilitates these exchanges. In this way, they will get to know each other's cultural perspectives on a given event or situation. 

This way, from an early age, they will get to know that each of us has a different background and comes from different cultures, which makes us think and act in different ways. However, rules protect values that guarantee the equality of one against the other, and allow a society to function and coexist in a peaceful and harmonious way. 

There will be up to two exchanges between participants, and with their consent, various publications can be made about this fascinating experience of getting to know and respect each other and their potential.

The Diversity Chat program works in a 5 Poli-Gears Model ⚙︎ process.

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