Isabel Menendez

Team Member

Isabel is a marketing researcher. She was one of the first members of a small digital marketing agency in Mexico, which in less than 5 years became part of the renowned WPP advertising network. She was in charge of developing the agency's research and planning strategy from the ground up. She ultimately became the head of the company's department of operations.

Throughout her career, her main objective and business promise has been bringing clarity to digital markets, with the aim of transforming investment decision-making into a more conscious and serious matter within her field. She has also striven to develop metrics that ensure marketing companies are able to achieve their goals based on their business objectives.

Isabel likes to introduce herself as a “Mexican-Spaniard”. Although she was born and raised in Spain, she lived in Mexico for more than 20 years. These experiences, together with her current exposure to the Miami multicultural environment, has made her understand the importance of fostering understanding, among people from different backgrounds.

She understands the great challenge that the interaction of diverse cultural groups poses in the United States. Isabel is convinced that Polidore provides an answer to this complicated context, and will contribute to the establishment of a more peaceful coexistence among them.