Gabriela Romo

Member of the Council


As a bilingual Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Maryland, she specializes in domestic violence and systematic issues affecting vulnerable populations, including immigrants, women, and minorities. She has a robust background in program development and training, focusing on mental health awareness. As an active advocate for violence prevention and mental health, she engages with the Hispanic community through radio shows and TV interviews, using these platforms to educate and inform.

She has a Master of Science in Clinical Community Counseling  from Johns Hopkins University, Rockville, Maryland (Honors); Postgraduate Certificate in Psychodynamic Counseling  from  University of Oxford, Oxford, UK (Honors); a Master of Science in Development Studies from University of London, London, UK, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from  Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, Mexico (Honors).

She has a clinical experience as a Mental Health Therapist and Owner, Gabriela Romo, LLC, she provides psychotherapy for various mental health issues and conduct psychosocial evaluations for immigration cases. She provided Bilingual Mental Health at BettyAnn Kranhke Center Domestic Violence Shelter, offered crisis intervention and counseling to domestic violence survivors and created and led psycho-educational groups. Also, as a Psychotherapist at Outpatient Mental Health Clinic, Family Services she provided therapy to diverse populations, including low-income families.

She has great experience in development and social welfare. She has held several positions as Research Training Coordinator at University of Oxford, UK; Training and Program Manager, International NGO Training and Research Center in UK, Coordinator of Knowledge Sharing, Mexican Conservation Learning Network, Mexico; Management Advisor to the Executive Director, National Council for Labour Standards, Norms, and Certification, Mexico and Communication Advisor to the Deputy Minister, Labour and Social Welfare Secretariat/Ministry, Mexico.

She serves in volunteer positions as secretary of the Board of Directors, Board of Child Care and  
is the President of Alumni, Washington, DC Chapter, Universidad Iberoamericana.