Avelino Meza

Miembro del Consejo

Avelino Meza is a professional Mexican immigrant born in the state of Chihuahua. He is a founding member and secretary general of the binational Fuerza Migrante (FM) movement.

From his position as secretary general of FM, he has promoted efforts to recognize the work of leaders and organizations in the United States, who for years have fought for the rights of the Mexican community living abroad.

His work has been key because in just 3 years and with the leadership of Dr. H.C. Jaime Lucero, he has managed to consolidate a binational platform (Mexico-USA) with 22 organizations, 600 hometown clubs and 200 pro-migrant leaderships that seek the economic and social empowerment of the Mexican community in the United States and their families in Mexico, through education.

Since 2017, Avelino has been dedicated to creating a network of strategic allies to develop tools and social programs at the binational level. Likewise, he formed a group of legal advisors in Mexico to promote the initiatives of migrant leaders, who seek to defend their political rights through civil or jurisdictional means.

As Secretary General of Fuerza Migrante he coordinates the work of the 14 commissions of the Binational Council in the United States and in Mexico he is committed to promote and defend the non-partisan migrant agenda of the binational Mexican community.

Under his leadership, collaboration agreements have been established with 50 municipal presidencies and migrant offices in Mexico and the United States, as well as collaboration agreements with more than 40 universities and educational institutes in Mexico and the U.S. and with 8 State Electoral Institutes.

Avelino Meza has coordinated the work with electoral authorities and local congresses and members of the binational council, to promote appeals before the Electoral Tribunal to demand the integration of affirmative actions and that the Mexican migrant community residing abroad can run for local and federal deputies and expand the mechanisms for the defense of Mexican citizens abroad,  mainly in the states with a high expulsion of migrants, where achievements have been obtained such as in CDMX, Jalisco, Michoacán and Tlaxcala, among others, which are a precedent for the other states of the Republic