Alan Balandra

Team Member

Alan is a young gifted musician and producer. At age 8 he began experimenting with music through guitar and vocal work. He found inspiration in “la trova cubana” which through the exclusive use of voices and a guitar, could build a landscape easy to get lost in. This started his path to discover the possibilities of sounds and textures, words, and stories. The experiences brought him to become a passionate singer-songwriter and instrumentalist.

Following his passion, he graduated from Berklee College of Music, where he approached orchestral composition and songwriting. He later graduated from Icon Collective School of Music where he expanded his production skills.

For him, music is a primal form of expression through which he tells stories about human emotions and experiences with the hope of connecting with people who are willing to listen. Through some of his most recent works, participating in “MEXLA: Una mirada de los mexicanos”, allowed him to discover the importance of building bridges and promoting Mexican culture in Los Angeles.